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Skip Generation Holidays: How Travel Insurance Can Protect the Whole Family

The rising trend in “Skip Generation holidays” shows that grandparents are taking their grandchildren on trips more often, leaving the parents at home. Skip Generation holidays give grandparents and their grandchildren time to bond and make memories of their own, leaving the parents to enjoy some time away from the kids and even enjoy a vacation themselves. Purchasing travel insurance ahead of a Skip Generation holiday could help protect the whole family and their trip.

Medical Coverage

Traveling as a Senior

Traveling as a senior can pose certain risks. Injuries or illnesses that may be encountered right before or during a trip can affect seniors more acutely than travelers at a younger age, requiring medical attention in certain situations.

If your health insurance does not provide coverage when traveling and you neglect to purchase a travel insurance plan, you could end up paying expensive medical bills out of pocket. Arch RoamRight’s travel insurance plans include emergency medical benefits that can provide coverage for an injury or sickness diagnosed by a physician as requiring immediate care.

Traveling With Kids

As with anyone else, children are susceptible to a variety of situations that could happen while traveling, including falling ill. In the unfortunate case that this happens on a trip, having travel insurance could ensure that you’re not stuck with any outstanding medical fees associated with your grandchildren getting the care they need while on your trip.

Beyond providing coverage in the event of a medical emergency, all Arch RoamRight insureds have access to a 24/7 emergency assistance line which puts trained emergency travel assistance providers at your fingertips. They also can help you find quality, local medical care and provide translation services if needed. If you’re in a foreign country and have a sick child, it is important to be able to understand and trust the local doctors.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption

Should an occasion arise that prevents you from traveling to or remaining in your destination, travel insurance may be able to provide a trip cancellation or trip interruption benefit. For example, if a grandparent or a grandchild gets sick right before or during the trip, they may be eligible for coverage.

One Child Included With Each Policy

Arch RoamRight puts family first by including coverage for one child (under age 18) for each related adult policy purchased for our Elite, Preferred, Essential, Pro and Pro Plus plans. By doing this, your child (or grandchild) receives the same protections that you do under your purchased policy, at no additional cost. This includes benefits such the ones mentioned above, as well as several others. For details on the additional coverages, refer to the plan’s Description of Coverage.

Flying Out a Relative in the Case of an Emergency

In the case that a child or grandparent suffers from an illness or injury that requires hospitalization for more than 7 days, Arch RoamRight is able to cover the cost of flying out a relative, such as a parent, to the location of treatment. Expenses for the cost of a single round-trip ticket and up to $250 per day up to 5 days for expenses for hotel nights, meals and local transportation for them may able to be provided.

Arch RoamRight is also able to cover the expenses of the return of dependent children back home in the case of death or hospitalization for more than 7 days of the single grandparent or both grandparents that are traveling. This includes the expense of a single one-way ticket per covered related adult to return dependent children to their home with an attendant, if considered necessary.

Visit our website to read more about Senior Travel Insurance, or visit our blog to learn more about senior travel tips and traveling with children.

Note: Available plans and coverages may have changed since this blog was published.

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Adele DiRende, a RoamRight Blog Author

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