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Senior Travel Tips

Getting advanced in years doesn’t have to restrict one from the delights of travel. You’re never too old to go on vacation. That said, seniors often have special needs and considerations they should take into account when planning a trip. RoamRight makes travel medical coverage for seniors relatively easy, but you should also consider activities, accommodations, and discounts. Whether you’re a senior enjoying your retirement by traveling, or a young person taking your elders on a trip, our senior travel articles are packed with useful information.

The Basics of Senior Travel

Folks of any age can enjoy the wonders of travel. Whether you are young or old, successful trips with the least amount of stress only happen with the proper planning.  Seniors typically need to plan for different things than other travelers. Of course, preparation needs will vary from senior to senior, but the most common items are the following:

  • A doctor’s approval – When planning your trip, keep your primary care physician in the loop. He or she can let you know if any physical limitations you have will hinder your trip or whether or not you’ll need certain vaccinations or medications handy. In addition, your doctor can advise you on how much you may benefit from purchasing senior travel insurance. If your doctor clears you for travel and you purchase your RoamRight insurance within 21 days of making your first trip payment, you’ll be covered for pre-existing conditions.
  • Get your medications in order – While you’re consulting your doctor, make sure he or she prescribes you enough medication to last through your trip. You should also have your doctor write you a note certifying your use of the medication. This is especially important when taking narcotics, which are strictly regulated in some countries. Lastly, when packing your medication, distribute it evenly among your luggage. If all of your medication is stored in the same bag, and that bag gets lost, it may put your health in danger. Store some medication in your checked bags and make sure you pack some in your carry-on bags as well.
  • Call ahead for discounts – Many hotels offer senior discounts, but the rules are not universal. Sometimes the senior rate only applies for the hotel’s rack rate, or there may be blackout dates. Different proofs of age may also be required. Check with all the places you will stay or visit for details on senior discounts. You may be able to save a lot of money during your trip!

Are you a senior who likes to travel? What are your tips for staying healthy while away from home?

Note: Available plans and coverages may have changed since this blog was published.

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