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How Travel Insurance Can Protect Your Micro-Cation

Americans are taking shorter and shorter vacations due to work and financial reasons. While extensive vacations are becoming less common, travel insurance can still be helpful on a short trip.

Micro-Cations on the Rise

In the past, vacations of eight days or more were seen as the ideal break from the everyday grind of work and a busy lifestyle. In recent years however, it’s been shown that people, especially millennials, are taking shorter but more frequent vacations lasting four nights or less.

The main reason that most travelers indicate for taking a vacation is escaping from stress, and travelers have come to find that longer vacations might result in more stress than anticipated. Taking longer vacations means working more to accumulate paid time off, as well as planning those more time-consuming vacations around a number of work-related responsibilities and events. Smaller vacations can mean less time spent saving up for a trip as well as less time away from work to keep tasks from piling up by the time you get back.

Travel Insurance Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Micro-cations are often done based on cost-effectiveness. However you choose to save money, you may still want to consider travel insurance. Fortunately, travel insurance does not have to be expensive, and may help save your trip in an unfortunate circumstance. Even when taking a short vacation, the time and resources put into such a trip are worth protecting in the case that anything goes wrong.

What Travel Insurance Could do for Your Micro-Cation

Trip Delay

Trip delay is a benefit that may provide coverage if you are delayed for a specified time period while en route to or returning from your trip due to a covered Travel Hazard. This can be an especially important benefit for micro-cations due to the already brief nature of the trip. For most Arch RoamRight plans, that delay must be six or more hours. However, the time period may change depending on the plan, so it is important to be familiar with the benefit for the plan you purchase. For example, in the case that a snowstorm in the northeast postpones arrival at your micro-cation location, travel insurance may be able to help.

Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation can be a valuable resource in the case that there are circumstances that cause the trip to be cancelled. For example, if the vacation is taking place in an area vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes during peak season, you want to be covered in case the island gets hit, something happens to the property where you are supposed to stay, or if the trip needs to be cut short because of a storm. Trip cancellation may also provide coverage if you, a traveling companion, or family member becomes ill and is unable to travel.

Medical Coverage

Nobody expects to fall ill or have a medical emergency while on vacation, least of all when a trip is short and the opportunity of such a thing happening seems so slim. However, for the rare occurrence of such circumstances when traveling, the savings add up quickly. Purchasing travel insurance could ensure that you’re not stuck with any outstanding medical fees, allowing you to get the care you need while on your trip.

Arch RoamRight is able to offer these travel insurance benefits and more for even small trips. Being a prepared traveler means seeking protection ahead of your trip, even if your trip seems small. Visit our blog to learn more about purchasing travel insurance on a budget, how travel insurance can protect the travel habits of millennials, and how travel insurance can protect the whole family.

Note: Available plans and coverages may have changed since this blog was published.


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Adele DiRende

Adele DiRende, a RoamRight Blog Author

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