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Which Camera To Use On Your Travels?

We have all been there, you`re standing in the aisle of an electronics shop trying to decide which camera you should buy for your next big trip. It can be a daunting decision at first, but with a short list of pros and cons that decision should be a lot easier to make.

You have many options for cameras to pack for your travels. Here are the pros and cons of each.DSLR

A digital single-lens reflex camera is probably the most professional camera one this list. Once you have decided to buy a DSLR camera you will have another big decision to make as there are many models out there. But first things first, here are the pros and cons of a DSLR on your travels.


  • Quality
  • Video options are usually HD quality
  • Versatile


  • Weight
  • Bulky
  • Pricey

The quality of the photos is better than any of the other cameras because of better pixels and lenses. Of course that also reflects in the price tag. Something you will have to consider when buying a DSLR: are you willing to learn how the camera works out of auto for better results and are you ready to invest in camera lenses as that is what makes these cameras state of the art.

Who for? Semi-pro and pro photographer, world traveler, someone who wants to invest time and money in photography.

Point & Shoot

Next up is the point and shoot camera, the name already explains the biggest advantage of this camera, you “point” and “shoot”.


  • Easy on automatic
  • Light weight
  • Compact, fits in your bag
  • Budget friendly


  • Not as versatile as a DSLR, limitations
  • Might have poorer quality photos

There are point and shoot cameras these days that come with extra lenses giving you more freedom and versatility while still having a compact size to put away.

Who for? City traveler, family traveler, traveler who wants nice photos but doesn`t have time to mess around with a larger camera.


I`m a fan of underwater photography and am always in awe when I see images from the underwater world. Unfortunately I have also noticed you need skills and good equipment to get those kind of results. The pros and cons are with a waterproof compact digital camera in mind.


  • Waterproof, usually also shock and sand proof
  • Compact


  • Quality

I also realize that the quality of these cameras has a lot to do with the experience you have with underwater photography. You need some practice and patience before you see the results.

Who for? adventure traveler, someone who wants just one camera for all conditions rain or shine.


This is not just a camera, but these days phones are for more than just for calling friends and family. The cameras on smartphones have the technology of a real camera.


  • Easy
  • Always with you
  • Compact


  • Quality can be less

There are a lot of apps these days to edit your photos and like I said in the advantages, it`s something you have with you everywhere making it the perfect device for people on the go.

Who for? Business traveler, people who want to pack light

When making a decision try to keep in mind what kind of trip(s) you`re making and ask yourself some questions. Do you want to learn more about photography and experiment with settings or do you prefer automatic settings, so you just have to “point and shoot”? How compact does it have to be? Does it need to be shock/waterproof? What`s your budget?

Do you have a camera preference when you travel?

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