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Value Travel Ideas For Summer Trips

Many people spend a good part of the year staring out the window, daydreaming of spending their summer vacation exploring new countries. However, many of us are deterred by the thought of draining our hard-earned savings on a week or two of rest and relaxation. 

Luckily in the height of summer, many countries offer very affordable holidays. This year, fight the fear of a costly vacation. Instead, check out eight of the cheapest countries to visit this summer. 


Myanmar is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Asia. You can get a nice hotel for as little as $20 a night and a massive feast for less than $5. This tiny Asian country holds a rugged beauty with lush jungles, thousands of temples, massive lakes, tall mountains, and giant pagodas. 

Myanmar is still off the beaten track, yet it is still easy to navigate. Some highlights of Myanmar are the wonderful people, delicious salads, Inle Lake, and thousands of pagodas surrounding Bagan.


Cambodia is a tiny country sandwiched between Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. While all the surrounding countries are cheap to visit, Cambodia is still less expensive than its neighbors. Cambodia has the incredible temples of Angkor Wat as well as, vibrant cities, untouched beaches, rarely explored islands and villages. 

You can easily spend a week in Cambodia for under $350 making it one of the cheapest countries to visit in Southeast Asia.


Budget travelers love Colombia but not just to explore Spanish colonial cities, walk pristine beaches, taste local cuisine, and wander lavish jungles. It is also because Colombia offers all of this for a low price. Everything from coffee to tours is inexpensive. Hotels are $20 - $30 a night and meals are approximately $4. For adventurers, it is also one of the most affordable places for scuba diving in South America. 


Romania offers historical castles, quaint villages, and spectacular views for one of the cheapest price tags in Europe. Whether you are feeling a tingle run down your spine as you wander the stony rooms of Dracula’s castle or stepping back in time in cities like Brasov, Romania is sure to surprise you.  The larger squares in cities like Bucharest have all the charm and atmosphere that you expect from a European city. Transportation, hotels, and meals are priced much lower than Western Europe.


Morocco gives you all the wonders of the Middle East but at a more discounted cost than visiting countries like Jordan or the United Arab Emirates. The buzzing markets sell souvenirs and food for next to nothing.  The iconic hotels called riads, which each have a pleasant courtyard and garden inside, are your cheapest option for a place to stay. 

Adventure travelers have many possibilities from biking around the coastline to camping in the Sahara Desert. On a clear night in the Sahara, the sky is so perfect that even the arms of the Milky Way are visible. 


Almost overnight, tourism in Egypt witnessed a massive downslide because of the political unrest over the last decade. While the country is much safer to visit, not all tourism has returned. This means that there are fewer lines, cheaper tours, and reduced prices on tickets, hotels, and food. 

This desert country is full of ancient history, towering statues, golden treasures, and relics from one of the first recorded civilizations. Since Egypt is so inexpensive at the moment a few things I recommend are sailing on the Nile, venturing to Abu Simbel, descending into the Pyramids of Giza, exploring Aswan, and touring the temple of Luxor. 

If you are looking for a cheap country to visit this summer, I would head to Egypt fast. Tourism picked up over 50% from 2016 to 2017. As tourism returns to normal, the prices will start to rise. 

New Zealand

New Zealand is the most expensive country on this list. However, since it is located in the Southern Hemisphere, our summer is their winter. This means that prices are drastically lower on plane tickets, hotels, and tours. 

Although, only plan to spend your summer vacation in New Zealand if you like the cold. Certain places, like Queenstown, on the South Island, get incredibly frigid during these months. If you have always wanted to travel to New Zealand, then going during this time will save you hundreds of dollars. 


On the mainland, Greece has the craggy mountain monasteries of Meteora, the ancient Acropolis, and one of the best Archaeological Museums in Europe. However, the real stars of the country are the picturesque islands, pristine coastline, and ancient ruins. 

The Greek isles are one of the most stunning island chains in the world, and visiting them is cheaper than you might think. Venture out of the tourist areas and you will find authentic meals for only a few Euros. While the Greeks Islands have a reputation for expensive hotels, if you book early enough, you can get a place for around $40 a night. 

The key to traveling the Greek islands on a budget is staying away from the overpriced islands like Mykonos. Instead, explore lesser-known islands like Karpathos.

It always surprises me when people say that traveling abroad during the summer will empty your bank account. If done correctly it can cost much less than traveling in your home country. These eight countries are a great place to start when planning an exciting, yet cheap summer vacation. 

Each one of them offers an unforgettable experience that contains untold beauty, vibrant culture, and delicious food, all for a fraction of the cost of their neighboring countries.  

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