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Exciting Valentine’s Day Dates for Adrenaline Junkies

Valentine’s Day is the number one annual holiday that we set aside to express our love and admiration for the most important people in our lives. However, not every partner wants flowers and chocolates. Some of our significant others thrive on adventure and making unforgettable memories. 

If you are struggling with adventurous date ideas for you and your better half, check out these 5 Valentine’s Day dates designed for adrenaline junkies. 

Luxury Camping

Nature is the perfect playground for adventure seekers and it can be quite romantic. This is especially true if you opt to spend this passionate holiday basking in its beauty by renting a luxury cabin, tent, or even yurt. Luxury camping trips are available all over the United States, and many of the campsites offer all of the conveniences of a fancy hotel. 

Spend your weekend hiking, rock climbing, venturing on photography walks, kayaking, or wildlife watching. Depending on where you stay, the possibilities are virtually endless. Having a luxury campsite also makes for a lovely romantic haven for picnics, s'mores by a fire, and enjoying a Valentine’s Day dinner under the stars. Luxury campsites are the perfect mix of adventure and romance. 


Nothing says I love you more than a commitment to throw yourself out of a plane with your partner. Skydiving is a great Valentine’s Day date for a couple of reasons. First, skydiving is an unforgettable experience that you’ll talk about for years to come. Second, skydiving is an excellent bonding experience, not only because of the thrill but also because of accomplishing something a little terrifying together.

Keep in mind that it is not the perfect valentine’s date for everyone. If your other half has a severe fear of heights or has expressed no interest in jumping out of a perfectly good plane, then consider thinking twice before making a reservation. Simply put, skydiving is expensive and if your date backs out, that is a lot of money down the drain which could spell disaster for the rest of your Valentine’s Day. 

Travel Somewhere New

Visiting a new place creates a sense of wonder, excitement, and romance that is hard to match. That is why Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to whisk your loved one away on a romantic adventure. Imagine standing in front of the Colosseum in Rome, biking through wine country of France, or huddled together under the Northern Lights in Iceland. 

This getaway doesn’t have to be out of the country; just make sure it is somewhere new and exotic. Extra points if it is an item on your loved one's bucket list. 

Visit a Theme Park

Of course, not every single Valentine’s Day date adventure has to entail falling 10,000 feet or flying hundreds of miles to visit a new area. One simple, yet adventurous date is to spend the day exploring a theme park. A theme park date has its ups and downs, no pun intended. On the upside, roller coasters and crazy rides are thrilling and are great for adrenaline junkies. On the downside, theme parks often mean waiting in line for hours which can get boring after a while. However, with the right planning, even waiting in line can be an opportunity for romance. Plus, it is hard to top exciting rides, fun shows, and colorful fireworks.  

Have a Local Adventure

If you’re unable to travel far, then don’t forget about all the adventures that are close to home. This will vary wildly depending on where you live, but a few good ideas include giving Cupid a run for his money with archery lessons, horseback riding, a nature scavenger hunt, geocaching, or a homemade romantic dinner using nothing but local ingredients. After putting a little thought into it, you will realize how many adventurous dates you can have right in your own backyard. 

Valentine’s Day is a time to express your love and passion. However, it is also a fantastic time to get out and embark on new and exciting adventures that will give both of you a rush of adrenaline, instill a new sense of wanderlust, and bring you closer together.  

If you are an adrenaline, thrill seeking couple, these Valentine’s Day Dates promise to get your heart pounding, your blood racing, and take your relationship to greater heights. 

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