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The Best Adventure Experiences In Europe

Dalmatia is a historical region of the eastern Adriatic

Europe is more than famous landmarks, delicious food, and ancient castles. It is also a continent that appeals to adventure travelers, extreme hikers, and adrenaline junkies. One reason Europe is so adventurous is that it is packed with so many different cultures.

Each one of these cultures has their own unique traditions and exciting festivals. Another reason is that each country has its own distinct topography including vast mountains, rugged terrain, and rocky coasts.

One thing is for sure, there are lots of heart-racing exploits for people looking for an adventurous vacation when visiting this captivating continent. To get you started, I have listed some of the greatest adventures, undertakings, destinations, and festivals in Europe.

Sail the Dalmatian Coast

This gorgeous continent has miles and miles of stunning coastline but in my opinion, the Dalmatian Coast in Croatiais one of the most spectacular in all of Europe. Sailing from island to island on the Dalmatian Coast is an exciting journey, and the laid-back atmosphere and slower pace of life on the islands are addictive.

However, there is also rollicking nightlife on many of the islands making it a perfect destination for those who love to have the best of both worlds. The best part of sailing the Dalmatian Coast is that you do not have to know how to sail. Yes, travelers can charter a boat if they wish, but there are also affordable tour options.

Run with the Bulls

Imagine standing on a cobblestone street with hundreds of people surrounding you. Before you know it, you notice the sound of bells echoing from behind. Turning to look, you see a herd of massive bulls running straight in your direction. Your body pulsates with adrenaline and immediately instinct kicks in as the only thought going through your head is RUN. And run you do as fast as possible when you find yourself participating in one of the most adventurous festivals in Europe. The running of the bulls takes place in Pamplona, Spainevery July and is an experience like no other.

Bernese Oberland Trails

The scent of wildflowers from the vast meadows fills the air as hikers travel the seemingly endless trails of the Bernese Oberland Trails in Switzerland.

The trails take travelers to the foot of the world-renowned mountain range of the Swiss Alps. Hikers are surrounded by rugged granite peaks as they traverse up the mountains, through the meadows, and past the alpine villages on an epic adventure.

The Top of the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of the most photographed mountains in the world and for good reason; it is utterly breathtaking. Located in Switzerland, it is just a quick train trip from Zurich. Many adventurers can't resist the urge to ascend to the top of this jagged mountain steeped in snow and take in the epic view.

The view is especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset, and many tourists find themselves happily stuck in the mountain village. Although this mountain is popular with hikers, it is also accessible by cable car so that all can enjoy.


Oktoberfest, held in September every year in Munich, Germany,is the largest beer festival in the world. This one of a kind festival is full of lively events, delicious food, and of course massive steins of beer.The fun at Oktoberfest is virtually endless with thousands of tourists and locals overindulging in singing, celebrating, and drinking. It is easy to get carried away at Oktoberfest, but of course, that is half the fun.

Meander Behind Seljalandsfoss

One of Europe's most stunning waterfalls lies on the path to Jokulsarlon Glacier in Iceland. This 60 meter high cascade has a magical quality to it that leaves tourists both stunned and captivated. The green ridge behind the falls gives visitors a rare behind-the-scenes opportunity to view a waterfall from a different perspective.

It's spectacular, spellbinding, and intriguing and is a one of a kind experience that has visitors coming back again and again.

Yes, the city squares and markets of Europe are charming, but there is more to Europe than squares and markets. There are adventures that will leave your heart racing, your body shaking, and your mind in awe. Of course, they will also leave you with a thirst for more because we just scratched the surface of the adventures to be had in Europe.

Please drink responsibly and use a designated driver, as your RoamRight policy does not cover loss resulting from or caused by being under the influence of alcohol.

What are some of your favorite European adventures?

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