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How To Experience Switzerland On A Budget


One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a full-time traveler is what’s my favorite country. While a hard question for most, for me it’s easy – Switzerland. Since 2007 I have traveled to this small mountainous nation in central Europe over and over again; I can’t seem to stay away!

Switzerland is a magical place, sometimes its breathtaking beauty doesn’t seem real to me. From the snowcapped mountains visible from every corner of the country to the friendly people to the great chocolate and clean, healthy lifestyles, what’s not to love? Personally I feel that every view, every shot of Switzerland could be a postcard. Not many countries can make that boast!

The one downside though is the cost of traveling through the country. Switzerland’s economy has been booming for years. Not on the Euro, Switzerland still uses the Swiss Franc as their main currency, and trust me, it’s still going strong. Prices are steep, even for Europeans, which makes traveling to Switzerland on a budget trickier than normal, but not impossible.

So how can an average or budget traveler visit such a pricy nation? Easy! With a little planning, flexibility and sacrifice, anyone can visit Switzerland, now matter how tight the wallet.

Here some of my secrets for getting by in Switzerland without breaking the bank.


Luckily Switzerland is such a small country and has such a fantastic public transport system that it is easy to get around. You can pretty much get anywhere you need without renting a car, which can be quite expensive. For me, Switzerland has the best rail system in the world. Frequent, fast and clean trains are the norm here, and the Swiss rail network also offers plenty of discount passes and fares for visitors to choose from. Be sure to ask at the station information desks about these passes.


Speaking from experience, I generally spend the most money on a trip on accommodation. If I am trying to keep to a budget, especially in a country as expensive as Switzerland, I try to spend as little as possible on a place to sleep. Depending on if I am traveling alone, I might try to book a private room in a well-ranked hostel or guesthouse, or even couchsurfing. If I am with a group of people, I will generally rent an apartment to save some Francs, or if it’s summertime, I sometimes try camping or even visit a chalet. There are plenty of options to chose from for cheap accommodation in Switzerland if you start digging a little.


Not Switzerland-specific, but generally speaking when I am in an expensive country or I need to be on a budget, I try to eat out less and cook more for myself. I make sure to book a place to sleep that gives me access to a kitchen and I stock up on some groceries to cook for myself. This is one of the easiest and best ways to save money when traveling. It’s also a great way to learn how to live like a local when on the road and to learn more about the local cuisine and culture.

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Liz Carlson

Liz Carlson, a RoamRight Blog Author Liz’s blog is Young Adventuress, which is geared toward adventure and slow travel. Liz Carlson began the blog while trekking through the Andes before moving to Spain for two years, where she has been teaching English and living the expat life. With over 30 countries under her belt, Liz is now planning to take on New Zealand and explore a whole other side of the world. Follow Liz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.

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