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Some Of The Most Beautiful Places To Skydive In America

Skydiving is a rush of excitement, fear, and adrenaline. Imagine tumbling towards the earth at rapid speeds while taking in the surrounding landscape from a bird's point of view. For many people, skydiving is among their top ten bucket list items.

If you are looking to take the leap, America has its fair share of beautiful vistas. Here is a list of some of the best places to skydive in America.

Skydive Hawaii, Waialua, Hawaii

Hawaiiis renowned for its magnificent and stunning scenery and there is no better view of the Aloha State than from above. Plus, this also adds a little thrilling adventure to your vacation.

The top place to skydive in Hawaii is Oahu. There are many skydive companies around the city to choose from, however for those thrill seekers looking for the biggest and baddest jump, head to Skydive Hawaii, and experience the only 20,000-foot HALO jump on the island.

With more than a minute and a half of free fall, adrenaline junkies have more than enough time to take in the view of the sandy shores, deep blue ocean, and green landscapes.

Zion National Park, Utah

It seems that Zion National Park has everything. This national park has some of the most well known landscapes and day hikes in America but unknown to many, Zion also has one of the best skydives in the country. 

Yes, part of this is because the surrounding landscape is gorgeous, but what really makes this place special is that Skydive Zion is one of the safest places to skydive in the world. Skydive Zion has a flawless record. Your safety is their main priority so for those a little nervous about jumping out of a plane for the first time, rest assured, take the plunge, and enjoy the majestic views. 

Skydive at Kennedy Space Center, Titusville, Florida

See the beautiful Florida coast as you skydive over an important historical area of America. As the wind rushes by, feel the sensation of peering down at the spot where brave men and women once stood before conquering the tremendous feat of traveling to the heavens. An overhead view of Kennedy Space Center, shuttle hangers, and the Atlantic Ocean make this one of the best and unique dives in America.

Skydive Oregon, Molalla, Oregon

What makes skydiving in Oregon so special is the picturesque scenery. Oregon is known for its bright shades of emerald green, which ensures breathtaking views. Skydivers can take in some of America's most epic mountains including Mounts St. Helen, Rainier, and the Three Sisters in the distance. The vibrant landscapes make this an outdoor enthusiast's dream and will keep you coming back for more. 

Skydive Denali, Denali, Alaska

Alaska is a state that never disappoints its visitors and those seeking a once in a lifetime experience should include this beautiful skydive on their itinerary. When you go skydiving in Alaska, you get a taste of it all. The state is filled with open fields, gushing streams, majestic mountains, and jagged icy cliffs.  

As you free fall, take in the wonders of Mt McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, along with snowy glaciers and miles of unspoiled wilderness of America's last frontier. It is one of the most beautiful skydives in the country and one that should not be missed.

Skydive Monterey Bay, Monterey Bay, California

It is no secret that Monterey Bay is one of California's most gorgeous regions. Of course, this also means that skydivers over Monterey get the added bonus of experiencing its beauty from above. As you dive, views of endless pristine beaches lining the coast fill the horizon as far as the eye can see.  

If you are looking for one of the most scenic paradises to skydive in America, then look no further than Monterey Bay.

There are many reasons why people skydive. Some people do it to challenge themselves, others to see the magnificence of the world from above, and some for the rush of complete freedom.

Whatever the reason might be, this list of the most beautiful places to skydive in America has your next skydiving destination already on it

Is skydiving on your bucket list?

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