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How To Salvage A Rainy Honeymoon

Don't let rain ruin any trip, especially your honeymoon. Just follow these tips to salvage that romantic getaway.

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You don't plan your honeymoon thinking it will rain the entire time. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is unpredictable, and sometimes these things do occur. What's important in these instances is to not let it ruin your trip, but to work with the situation and figure out how to grow your bond together without sulking away your romantic trip. To help you create a strategy, here is a guide on how to salvage a rainy honeymoon.

Find Romance Indoors

Your first step when the rain begins to pour during your honeymoon is to think about what indoor experiences can enhance the mood. There's more to indoor attractions than museums and art galleries - although those are also options. Sip hot cocoa near the fireplace, see an IMAX movie, take a bubble bath, cuddle up with a romantic movie, get in touch with your inner child and have a pillow fight, give each other massages, write a poem together, play board games (or create your own), cook a local dish together. Use your imagination to turn an undesirable situation into a way to connect.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

If there were romantic outdoor honeymoon experiences that are no longer possible, don't give up on them. Bring them indoors. Planned a picnic in the park? Set out a blanket on your hotel room floor and fill a picnic basket with wine, cheese, bread and meats for a memorable afternoon. Are you an adventurous couple who loves hiking and climbing? Head to a local rock gym to scale some walls. Bike ride cancelled? Try indoor ice-skating instead. Miss the beach? Fill a kiddie-pool with sand or find an indoor pool and make some pina coladas. These are just a few ways you can bring the romance indoors.

Look To Food

Food is often the epicenter of romantic experiences. Luckily, eating and drinking can be enjoyed both indoors and out. Find a local recipe and cook it together, or ask the restaurant if they can put together a special in-room dining experience. You can also head to a rooftop or candlelit restaurant and soak up the mood. Wineries are another way to come together on a rainy honeymoon day through the palate, as are cooking classes which award the chance to learn something new together. Chocolate-covered strawberries in bed, fireside fondue and making your significant other breakfast-in-bed are a few other ways to salvage a rainy honeymoon through food.

Get Pampered

When it's raining on your honeymoon, couples spa treatments are always a worthwhile option. Escape together through massages, facials, saunas and hot tubs. If it's going to be raining a lot, you may want to ask about special honeymoon packages that will allow for longer treatments and use of the facilities on multiple days.

Take A Class

As stated above, learning something new together is a great way to grow your bond and new man and wife. While cooking classes are a great idea, there are many other types of courses worth signing up for. Some websites to check for ideas include CourseHorse (NYC & LA) and Eventbrite (you can search local experiences), or do a Google search related to your location, such as Fun classes in Rome or Tango lessons in Buenos Aires.

Keep Romantic And Positive Touches Coming

Sunny honeymoons should also have romantic touches like candy, love notes and flowers woven in; however, when it's raining these become extra important to remind your new wife or husband how lucky you feel to be with them. It's likely they'll already be down about the weather on the honeymoon they planned for so long, so keeping the mood positive with special surprises and thoughtful gestures helps keep everyone happy.

Ignore It

Sure, sometimes rain can lead to cancellations; however, unless you're a witch who will melt when you get wet there's no reason to cage yourself indoors. Together, grab an umbrella and explore the city, go on a scenic stroll, wander through art-filled parks, photograph street art and discover secret corners of the destination not written about in your guidebook. A rainy day can often lead to beautiful photographs, also allowing you to see the place you're visiting in a new light (literally). Remember, a few showers didn't stop Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain, did it? Neither should it you.

Get Away

If the rain is really ruining your honeymoon, take off. See if your hotel can work with you on getting some of your money back for the unused nights, or if they have a sister property they can send you to. You don't need to fly to another continent. Check if there are places within a three-hour train ride or flight that might offer better weather. If the weather is really ruining your honeymoon it may be worth the price to change the scenery.

How do you salvage ruined travel days?

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