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Traveling Smart: Preparing for Your Trip

The process of planning a successful trip starts long before you leave for your destination. Researching your destination and keeping up to date on current events can help make sure that you trip goes smoothly and that you know what to do when it doesn’t.

Purchasing Travel Insurance

Buying a travel insurance policy when you book your trip is one of the best ways to be prepared. A travel insurance plan can provide coverage in the event something does force you to cancel your trip. It is also important to purchase your travel insurance plan as early as you can. Our blog “When To Buy Travel Insurance, And When Is It Too Late?” explains exactly why.

Keeping an Eye on the Local News

In the time before your departure, be sure to check the news outlets of your destination and any stops you may make along the way for any events that may impact your travel plans. Events such as civil unrest, festivities, and political conflict have the potential to impact transportation, lodging, or safety.

In more extreme cases, the U.S. Department of State may issue a travel advisory for an area warning U.S. citizens of travel hazards in other countries. Be sure to check the U.S. Department of State’s travel advisory page to see if there are any issues of concern in your destination.

Checking Flights and Accommodations

There’s nothing that puts you in a pinch more than arriving to the airport and finding out that your flight has been cancelled or delayed, or arriving at your lodging and being told that your reservation is not showing up.

Make sure everything is in order in the time before you depart for your trip so that you have time to arrange the necessary changes if something’s gone wrong. Flight statuses can be checked on the airline’s website by using the flight number provided on your flight ticket confirmation. Hotel reservations can be confirmed by calling or emailing the hotel and even by using a booking confirmation number online if provided.

Monitoring Weather

Weather conditions in your departure location and your destination have the potential to impact travel plans. Checking the conditions in these areas can help you to be prepared.

Natural Disasters

Arch RoamRight may be able to provide coverage for changes in travel plans that result from natural disasters. Disasters that render your destination uninhabitable, warrant a travel advisory or the issue of evacuations may be eligible for coverage.

In the case that a named hurricane or tropical storm strike your destination, Arch RoamRight plans may be able to provide certain coverages. It is important to review your travel insurance policy before purchasing in order to understand the related coverages.

Visit the NOAA’s website to check the status, path, and other information about a hurricane or tropical storm.

Filing a Claim

In the unfortunate case that there are conditions in your destination that cause your travel plans to be affected, Arch RoamRight makes filing a claim simple. Claims and supporting documentation can be submitted directly through Arch RoamRight’s website. You can also email, fax, or send your claim in via mail.

For more travel tips, visit our blog or learn more about our travel insurance plans.

Note: Available plans and coverages may have changed since this blog was published.


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Adele DiRende

Adele DiRende, a RoamRight Blog Author

Adele DiRende is a Marketing Intern currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communications at Towson University. Although the wallet of a college student is not kind to those with a passion for travel, Adele has experience in international travel to places like Italy and the UK, as well as domestic travel around the U.S. In addition to travel, Adele enjoys photography, music, and creative writing. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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