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Nine 2016 Bucket List Items That Should Be On Your List

When most of us think about a bucket list, we imagine climbing to the top of frosty mountains, traveling to a small village in a foreign land or jumping out of a plane at 15,000 ft.  

However, the truth is that the notion of having to embark on a monumental feat or a death-defying adventure in order to cross something off the list is a total misconception.  

For many of us, our travel bucket lists include items that can be easy to complete, we just have to set our minds to tackling the list. Bucket lists can be a useful way to organize your thoughts when it comes to travel and better enjoy your time away from home. To help you along, here are some suggestions of travel bucket list items that should be on everyone’s lists.

Learn a Language

Many people set the goal to learn a new language, yet few actually do it. I know; I am one of them.  However, in this age, the internet age, there is no longer a good excuse to NOT learn a new language. There are many free websites, apps and resources online that will help you learn a language without ever leaving your house. 

Adding this item to your 2016 Bucket List will help make this a priority. After all, to learn a language in today's world simply takes commitment and time.

Go on a Road Trip

There is nothing quite like your favorite band blaring through the speakers as you cruise down a long stretch of road that fades into the horizon. Road trips instill a sense of freedom and adventure without having to actually travel very far. Plus, it's the journey that matters; just the thought of a road trip makes me smile, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling.

Whether you are exploring new places just a few hours from home or venturing further down the road, exciting escapades await. So jump in the car, hit the open road and enjoy the wind rushing through your hair in 2016.

Visit Someplace New

The world is full of lively cities, quaint small towns and beautiful landscapes. I would venture a guess and say that there are probably some right in your own backyard.  

Visiting at least one new place each year is a goal that everyone should strive to accomplish. All it takes to cross this easy item off your bucket list is a little research, a bit of free time and a simple plan. 

Be a Tourist in Your City

Being a tourist in your own city is not an item many people think to add to a bucket list. Yet, it is possibly the easiest thing to cross off and also incredibly rewarding. 

Exploring the place you live for a weekend as if you were a traveler will lead to the discovery of amazing things that you probably didn't even know existed. Chances are you will walk away from the experience with a newfound love and appreciation for the city you call home. 

Spend a Weekend in Nature

One simple, but oh, so relaxing bucket list item for 2016 is to simply leave creature comforts behind and venture out into the wild. Spend some time hiking and camping while enjoying the astounding beauty that the world has to offer. Most likely there are some fantastic hiking trails, waterfalls and caves within a few hours of your house. 

Conquer a Small Fear

We are all afraid of certain things. Some of our fears are big, while others are small. For the longest time, I was afraid of deep water, yet I wanted to learn to scuba dive. The thought of being 120 feet below the ocean's surface was too big of a jump for me.

At first, I started snorkeling and after going on just a few trips, I had enough confidence to take the plunge – literally! I fell in love with it instantly and now I take every opportunity to explore the watery depths.  

Conquering a small fear is a gateway to conquering your biggest fears. Don't let anything hold you back. Start small and make 2016 the year you finally conquer that fear! 

Visit Your State or National Capital

The capital of a country or state is almost always home to some of the best museums, historical monuments, and cultural experiences. Wherever you are from, it is important to explore and learn about your nation and state. From history to culture and more, these are family-friendly trips perfect for any age and background.

From an American point of view, Washington, DC is a treasure trove of things to do, including a few of my favorites: getting lost exploring the massive Smithsonian Museums, visiting the National Zoo, checking out the massive memorials that tell our country's history and exploring all the major government buildings. A visit to any capital city will having your family beaming with a newfound sense of pride. 

Take A Spontaneous Adventure

Is there anything more exciting than going on an unknown adventure?  Sometimes the best trips are those that are the most spontaneous.

A couple of cool ideas are going for those last minute flight deals (24 hours before leaving), or even better, showing up at the airport to jump on the next available plane. The journey is half of the adventure and it just might lead you to places and experiences that will amaze. If flying is not an option, then throw a dart at a map, flip a coin at the crossroads and just start driving.

Some of the best adventures start with making decisions in the moment and that is why this needs to be included on your 2016 Bucket List.

Complete more than one Item on your 2016 Bucket List

The last easy 2016 Bucket List item is to make it a goal to complete and cross off multiple items on your bucket list. 

Just remember, there is no need to travel far and wide to accomplish your goals. Many can be accomplished within a few hours of your hometown. So get out that list, check it twice and let the adventures begin.

What are some items on YOUR travel bucket list?

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Stephen Schreck

Stephen Schreck, a RoamRight Blog Author Stephen Schreck is a world traveler, nomad, and adventure backpacker. Knowing a life of aimlessly wandering the globe in search of adventures was the only life for him he set out to make his dream his reality. Currently he is trying to conquer his fears and tackle his bucket list. Follow Stephen's adventures at A Backpacker's Tale or on social media on TwitterFacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

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