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Making Travel Meaningful

So you're planning an out of the box vacation. Sure, it's possible that you'll stop by a few of the more common tourist attractions, but you're really interested in going deeper. Maybe you want to learn more about the culture of your destination's locals. Perhaps you'd even like to feel like a part of that culture while you're there. What do they wear? What do they eat? What causes are important to them?

To point you in the right direction, RoamRight reached out to entrepreneur Tamika Doubell of Tamika shows travelers how to see certain locales from a more personal perspective.

Tell us a little bit about your site. is a personal space for me to explore the things I love. Because I'm proudly South African, my content will regularly have an African flavor. It's named The Starlit Path after the golden African sunset. I like to tell stories from the shores of South Africa, and I enjoy spotlighting South African brands and talent.

My main goals are to speak with real people about real things that matter. You will see a lot of outreach stories on my blog. It's a highly visual experience where community is encouraged. Like any other blog, the dialogue between me and my readers is key.

Your website seems to be a hybrid of travel, modelling, and fashion with a little activism peppered in as well. Why is that?

You're so right! My online space is definitely a channel to talk about the things I believe in. I'm no politician, but I do have my opinions. I suppose you could say I'm an activist when it comes to causes I believe in strongly. Aren't we all in our own way?

Why do you travel?

When I travel, it's for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it's for work and sometimes it's for leisure. A change of environment is stimulating, and you can't help but share all the new things you are seeing as you move.

How can social media help travelers?

Social media is a verb. It's a living thing. I like the word Deepak Chopra uses to describe it. It's an ecosystem. This is why it's so exciting to users! I use it for many different reasons, but always to promote one thing or another that I have found useful. I think the world is truly waking up to the concept of building conversations online and effecting change in this way.

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