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How To Save Money on Food While Traveling

Food can be one of the most expensive aspects of travel. Save money with these tips.

Unanticipated costs while traveling can add up. Often meals fall into this category as their prices are difficult to estimate properly in advance. The following tips will help you save money on food during your travels.

Eat Where The Locals Eat

Tourist areas often have inflated dining prices. To save some money, veer away from the pack and scout out independently run restaurants outside of areas heavily trafficked by tourists. Check around and ask people working in the vicinity for recommendations. Be sure to ask a variety of different people to get suggestions in all price ranges.

Investigate Markets & Grocers

Shopping at farmers markets and small grocers will allow you to experience the local culture and help you to save money. Join the locals as they shop in the morning and stock up on nonperishable items and fruit to carry you throughout the day. By bringing your own snacks you’ll avoid inflated costs at tourist attractions and the markets will provide a new insight into the community

Food can be one of the most expensive aspects of travel. Save money with these tips.

Prepare Your Own Meals

To save the most money, skip restaurants altogether! Be sure to book accommodations with kitchenettes and/or amenities that allow for food preparation so you can make at least a few meals on your own. For example, an electric kettle can be used to prepare oatmeal or ramen noodles for a quick snack. You can create delicious smoothies with local ingredients in a blender and a fridge will store leftover meals and milk for cereal.

Eat Meals Meant To Fill

Slow burning carbohydrates are digested gradually and offer a consistent source of energy throughout the day. By replacing refined grains such as white rice and bleached wheat flour with whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat and oats, your blood sugar will remain consistent and you won’t experience an energy crash. Cutting down on white sugar and increasing your protein will do the same. Often we eat for deficiencies in energy as a result of our food choices as opposed to actual hunger.

Eat Your Largest Meal At Lunch

Mid-day meals are often the same size as their evening counterparts for a fraction of the cost. Your lunchtime meal size is too generous? Ask for half to go and save it for a later meal.

How do you save money on food while traveling?

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Laura Dal Farra, a RoamRight Blog Author Laura Dal Farra is a writer, a minimalist and a world traveler. Nomadic since 2009, Laura focuses on adventure, solo travel and local cultural immersion. Having spent four years training Thai boxing in Thailand, Laura can speak Thai language and now acts as a consultant for those travelling to and living in Thailand. She shares her knowledge and connects with her readers on her blog Milk.Blitz.Street.Bomb. Follow Laura on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter

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