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How To Save Money On A Trip To The UK

The Oyster card is a form of electronic ticketing used on public transport in Greater London in the United Kingdom. CT

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The UK isn’t the cheapest country to travel around and many tourists experience quite a shock when they see prices in the capital and, although cheaper than London, the nation’s other cities aren’t exactly budget friendly, either. However there are ways to stretch your pennies while in the UK - all it takes is a little planning and organization to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Book transport in advance

When it comes to transport in the UK, getting from city to city can really eat into your budget. Some local trains have set fares that will remain the same whenever you travel. However inter-city routes often see a great amount of fluctuation in prices, and those who plan ahead will see their wallets lined with more silver than those who don’t. When traveling from Points A to B in the UK, you need to check fares for buses, trains, and planes. A train fare from London to Edinburgh can see a price in triple figures, whereas you can easily get a plane ticket for a third of the price. Buses offer the best bargains, but take a lot longer than trains and planes. Check out each mode of transportation when purchasing travel tickets, as you may be surprised as to what works out the cheapest. Just staying in London? Make sure you purchase an Oyster Card, as it’ll save you money on transport fares in the capital. For more tips, learn how to travel around the UK on a budget.

Ditch the hotel chains

People like to seek out familiarity when they travel, but if you’re staying in high-end hotels that have chains around the world, you’re definitely not getting the best when it comes to service or comfort, at least not when you’re in the UK. If you want the best service and comfort in the UK, your best bet is to stay in a bed and breakfast. There are bed and breakfasts in every English town, and there are some truly upmarket accommodation options for a fraction of the cost of the cheapest room in an international hotel chain.

Make lunch your main meal

When it comes to fine dining, the UK can be tough on those on a budget. However you can have a little luxury without making your wallet weep, if you make lunch your main meal. Many upscale restaurants offer great specials at lunch, which are usually set menus with items taken from the evening menu. A restaurant may be out of your reach for dinner, but check out what it offers up for the lunch crowd. By doing this, you can experience the ambiance and tastes of a fine dining establishment without paying through the roof for the experience.

What are some other ways you can save money in the UK?

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