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How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

We understand: filing an insurance claim can be stressful. At Arch RoamRight we have worked to simplify the travel insurance claims process, providing you with the ability to file online from any device, receive email updates once you have submitted your claims, and contact a highly-rated customer service team trained to help you along the way.

These simple steps should help you if you find yourself needing to submit a travel insurance claim.

1. Review your policy details

Before you start the claims process, take a moment to read through your travel insurance policy. Ideally, you did this before you purchased your policy. Read the sections and definitions that relate to the claim you want to file. Having an understanding of the terms, conditions and exclusions of your policy can help avoid any misunderstandings that may occur as the claim is being processed.

2. Gather all the needed documentation

When you file a claim, we will ask you to provide documentation that is needed in order to review your claim. The documentation we ask for is standard in the travel insurance industry, and we do not require original copies. That means you can send in photocopies or pictures taken from your smartphone.

If you are filing a claim for trip cancellation, interruption, or delay, be sure to provide proof of payments for any portion of the trip in which you are seeking reimbursement, such as transportation or housing deposits. Make sure these documents show both the dates the payments were made as well as the total amount paid. For trip delay claims, receipts for food purchased while waiting for a delayed flight will also be needed.

If you are filing a claim as a result of a medical reason, you will need to submit an attending physician’s statement. This is true for both medical issues that force you to cancel your trip and emergency medical costs incurred while traveling.

If you are filing a claim that required involving the police, such as stolen items or a car accident, you will need to submit a police report that details the incident.

For a baggage delay claim in which you had to purchase replacement essentials, receipts for these items will be needed.

Almost every travel claim is unique, and depending on your situation, we may need additional documentation in order to thoroughly and accurately review your claim. If you are unsure about what documentation you need for your claim, you can contact our customer service team at 800-699-3845. Our claims examiners will also contact you if your submitted claims requires further documentation.

3. File a claim online (or via mail, fax, or email)

The easiest way to file a claim with Arch RoamRight is by visiting On our online claims site, you will be able to complete any claim form you may need. The site allows you to upload supporting documentation and is compatible with your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.

You can also file a claim via traditional mail, fax, or email. If you would like to submit a claim using one of these methods, visit the claims section of our website.

Be prepared to spend at least 15 minutes filling out the claim form. There are many pieces of information that we need in order to properly review each claim. If you can provide as much information as possible with your initial claim submission, it can help avoid us requesting additional information later on in the process.

4. Once you file, you will be updated

Arch RoamRight believes a transparent claims process is the backbone of a quality travel insurance provider. When you submit a travel insurance claim to Arch RoamRight, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your claim. From there, you will also receive periodic emails updating you on the status of your claim.

You can also use our online claims site to check the status of your claim at any time.

5. What not to do when filing a travel insurance claim

While we strive to make the travel insurance claim process as easy as possible for all of our travelers, there are some things that you should absolutely not do when filing a travel insurance claim.

  • Not reading your policy details: In reality, you should do this before you purchase your travel insurance policy. Within your policy details you will find information about covered events and common exclusions. Each benefit also has a benefit limit that cannot be exceeded no matter the details of your claim. Some benefits also feature time triggers that must be met in order to qualify for coverage. Understanding these benefits, their features, and their exclusions can help you when filing a claim.

  • Not saving your documentation: The documentation mentioned above is essential for a claims examiner to review and pay your claim. Without these documents, a claims examiner will be unable to approve your claim.

  • Waiting more than 365 days to file: At Arch RoamRight, travelers have one year from when they return from their trip in order to file a claim. While this gives travelers time to compile any needed documentation, it also means that claims submitted after that year cannot be accepted.

  • Lying or exaggerating your losses: Submitted claims must align with actual losses incurred. Any submitted claims proven to include incorrect amounts will be adjusted to the actual covered amounts incurred, and any claims proven to include intentionally fraudulent information will be denied in full

  • Not being patient: It can take time – often several weeks – for a claim to be assigned to an examiner, the claim to be thoroughly reviewed, and a decision to be reached. We welcome you to contact us at any time to inquire about the status of your claim.

6. What to do if your claim is denied

If your claim is denied, you are able to appeal that decision if you have new supporting documentation. To file an appeal, email your additional documentation to

Note: Available plans and coverages may have changed since this blog was published.


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