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Great Getaways For Mother’s Day

Have you ever considered taking your mom on vacation for Mother's Day? One of these options just might be the way to go!

May 11, 2014 – the day we choose to celebrate our moms and the amazing work that they do. What better way to honor her then take (or send) her on a quick getaway?  Here are a few favorite places to go with dear sweet mom in mind.


Florida is one of the great tourist draws in the US, thanks to both the many parks in Orlando as well as the sunny and posh beaches of Miami. But Florida is a large and diverse state and there are many other, lesser known places to explore. Getting to Florida is easy enough, there are lots of low-cost options and getting around the state may take some time, but it’s no challenge. My new favorite hideaway in Florida is located just 45 minutes north of Jacksonville, on Florida’s First Coast: the secluded resort destination, Amelia Island. Long a getaway for the rich and powerful, Amelia still has that aura of exclusivity, but is now much more accessible. The best hotel on the island though is also my favorite, the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island. Combining the unique and high qualities of service for which the Ritz Carlton is known along with the laid back beachy feel of the island, the resort is wonderful and a true destination in itself. If just hanging out along the beach isn’t for you though, there are plenty of activities on the island and within an easy drive. My favorite was a quick day trip up to Savannah, Georgia, the classic Southern colonial town known for its beauty, charm and hospitality. Amelia Island is just one of hundreds of quieter spots in Florida where it’s actually possible to relax and not battle crowds.


This is a new and surprising addition to my personal travel list. Surprising in that I can’t believe I hadn’t considered it before as a quick getaway option. Bermuda is located in what I call the middle-Atlantic, off the coast of North Carolina. It is NOT in the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a wonderful tropical retreat. An easy flight from any of the East Coast hubs, Bermuda is convenient and easy to reach. Once there though, it feels like you’ve traveled a million miles away. Every aspect of island life you would expect is there, from the lush plant life to some of the best beaches in the world. Bermuda is famous for its pink beaches, which really are pink as they are beautiful. It’s not all beaches and tropical drinks though, there’s a lot to do on the island to keep an active person like myself busy for several days. One of my favorite day trips was to the colonial town of St. George’s, a relaxing retreat that dates back to the 17th century. No matter what you choose to do though, it honestly is one of my new favorite quick vacation spots.


Montreal is easy to reach for those of us on the East Coast, about an hour or two away, but culturally different enough to make it seem as if you’ve crossed an ocean. I’ve spent two long weekends in Montreal, each exploring different parts of the city and enjoying new sights. Montreal appeals to me on several levels. It’s an urban getaway with lots of shopping, restaurants, museums and cultural activities going on all year. Even in their harsh winters you can escape below ground through a complex and infinitely cool system of underground malls and walkways. Montreal is also a great foodie stop, from the traditional cured meats and bagels to new and innovative restaurants. If all you want to do is spend a few days somewhere eating and drinking, Montreal is one of the best places in the world to do so. But I love history and exploring the culture of a new destination, which I think is what really draws me back to Montreal. It doesn’t feel like any other city in Canada, it has its own very unique and colorful character. Maybe it’s because so many people speak French, but I love walking around the neighborhoods, admiring the architecture, stopping by cafes for a quick coffee and just soaking up the city. There really are few places as interesting and that is what makes it a fantastic choice for a quick getaway.

Where are some places you like to take mom?

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