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Brussels for Foodies

Belgian waffle is a type of waffle popular in North America.

Jean-Claude Van Damme was the original “Muscles from Brussels” and some would say the most delicious. His hometown had always been known for great seafood, but when the actor began to make it big in the 1980s, so did the other “mussels in Brussels.”


Actually, mussels and chips were first introduced to the world as a Belgian specialty during the 1958 World Expo in Brussels, making mussels one of the must-do foods for anyone visiting the Belgian capital. Most mussels come from the North Sea and the best, freshest time to enjoy them is from September to February.

While many restaurants have great experiences, the must-visit place is Chez Leon. In business since 1893, Chez Leon specializes in authentic Belgian cuisine, offering 14 different kinds of mussels. Have them with butter, Provencal cheese, herbs, lemon, tomatoes, curry, white wine, all sorts of combinations. Whatever way you have them, order a side of Belgian fries and eat those with homemade mayonnaise.

Belgian Fries

Fries are the next must have while in Brussels or anywhere in the country. There’s an eternal argument between France and Belgium about who first invented sliced potatoes fried in oil, but you’re in Belgium, so you gotta go with the home team on this one.

Throughout the city, you’ll find little shops called “friteries” that serve nothing but fries. Food trucks and street vendors appear elsewhere selling this country’s favorite snack. Homemade mayonnaise is the preferred dipping sauce among Belgians, although locally-sourced ketchup is not out of the question. But branch out a bit and try the Andalouse sauce. It’s kind of like a cocktail sauce with tomatoes and garlic. A curry mayonnaise is very popular, along with pickle sauce, pepper sauce and peanut sauce. Live a little. Try them all.


There’s no argument with France about who invented Belgian waffles, but there is a bit of snobbery within Belgium about who makes the best and who taught whom to do it. If you’re serious about your waffle experience, take a train ride to the town of Ghent and seek out the restaurant known simply as Max. There, the waffles are so light and flaky that a bite barely stays on the fork without the assistance of fresh whipped cream and strawberries.

They’ve been making waffles at Max since 1839 and they claim they taught chefs in Brussels how to do it prior to the World Expo in 1958. Otherwise, you can’t lift a fork in Brussels without a restaurant claiming they make the best waffles. They are often served cold or room temperature and don’t even think about putting something so brash as maple syrup on them. Powdered sugar and chocolate sauce or some fresh fruit is all any good Belgian needs.

Le Roy

If a restaurant can be both touristy and authentic at the same time that would be Le Roy or “The King” on the Grand Place Square in Brussels. Both tourists and locals hang out here, sipping beer and eating Belgian favorites like Flemish beef stew or meatballs with apple syrup. They’ve been serving up good food here since 1697, seriously, and although the uniforms the waiters and waitresses wear is a bit kitschy, most everything else seems authentic.

If you can’t get a seat at the outdoor patio, find your way to the second floor and an itsy bitsy booth for two next to the windows. In addition to good beer and good food, this is where you’ll have a great view for some of the best people watching on the continent.

Which Belgian delicacy do you want to try first?

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