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Oceans to Trails: Favorite Adventure Vacations in America

What makes America perfect for adventure vacations? Is it because America is a huge country full of wide canyons, immense mountains, gushing rivers, massive lakes, rocky coastlines, and hot deserts? Yes, America is so diverse that the country offers more adventure vacations that you could fit into a lifetime. 

However, some adventure vacations stand above the rest, and, whether you are a hardcore or a casual vacationer, you will find something on this list that will appeal to your sense of adventure.  

Let us check out the top adventure vacations in America. 

Take to the Water

A rush overcomes you as the boat pushes away from shore. The cool wind brushing across your face, the exhilaration of tweaking the sails perfectly to grasp the wind, and the rush of the boat sliding across the water make sailing one of the most addictive adventures I have ever done. 

Many places across America offer a variety of sailing adventures from having a working vacation as a deck hand to just being a passenger and appreciating the views.  Imagine sailing past mammoth glaciers in Alaska, little-deserted islands off the east coast of America, or through the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean in California. 

Many states in America have some sort of sailing adventure ranging from tours to lessons. 

Complete the Appalachian Trail

Hands down, the Appalachian Trail is one of the best adventure vacations in America. It is a massive undertaking of will and perseverance to conquer this 2,160-mile trail spanning from Georgia to Maine. 

There are two ways you can tackle the Appalachian Trail. The first and arguably the most popular is section hiking. This means you complete the Appalachian Trail by conquering small sections over an extended amount of time. For hardcore trekkers, you can hike the entire trail in one season. 

However before attempting this massive feat, make sure to have the proper gear, insurance, and training. Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail takes 4 -6 months and many parts are extremely challenging and dangerous. 

No matter how you choose to conquer this massive undertaking, you are rewarded with impressive landscapes that range from scenic mountain peaks to lush green forests. Those who have a passion for the outdoors will thrive on this adventure vacation as you immerse yourself in some of the raw beauty of America’s wilderness. 

Find Scenic Views

Speaking of the great outdoors, America has some of the most stunning and diverse national parks in the world. Of course, this makes for some incredible hiking and camping. Here are some America trekking vacations that show off the natural splendor of our country. 

Mt. Katahdin – Standing almost a mile above sea level lies Maine's highest point. This peak, inside Baxter State Park, is at the northern part of the previously mentioned Appalachian Trail. The climb is for beginners but does take you through the Knife Edge Trail. This treacherous part is only a few feet wide and has a deadly thousand-foot drop off. 

Stony Man Mountain – This 4,000-foot peak in Shenandoah National Park offers expansive views of the Appalachian Mountain Range and the Shenandoah Valley.

Desolation Peak – From the summit of Desolation Peak, trekkers get a far-reaching view of the North Cascades Mountains of Washington. It is not an easy climb to the summit, but the views are worth the effort. At the top sits a fire tower where the famed American writer Jack Kerouac spent a summer as a fire lookout.

White Water Rafting the Grand Canyon

One of the best adventures vacations in America is riding white water down the Colorado River surrounded by one of America’s most iconic natural landmarks, the Grand Canyon. This beautiful spectacle takes you through enormous and thrilling rapids; it is awe inspiring to the think that this river has been slowly cutting through the Grand Canyon for millions of years. This adventure is something you will remember for a long time to come and lets you experience the Grand Canyon in the best way possible.

Adventure Vacation in a Resort

Not all adventure vacations require you to travel deep into the wilderness, to the top of a huge mountain, or to the sea for days on end. Many resorts offer a variety of adventure vacations that perfectly blend relaxing beside a pool with exciting activities. Here are a few resorts that appeal to those seeking lush accommodations along with adventure. 

Terranea Resort – Located 45 minutes south of Los Angeles along the coast of Palos Verdes, California, this resort offers wonderful coastal adventures with a touch of luxury. You can spend your morning kayaking between gray whales and dolphins, riding horses, and paddle boarding. Then fill your nights swimming in the heated pool or treating yourself to the spa.

Adventures on the Gorge: The Adventure Resort – For those who love riding on rough water and towering high above the trees, the Adventures on the Gorge in West Virginia should be your next vacation spot. They have overnight trips rafting down Class V Rapids and other excursions including rock climbing, tree top canopies, and zipline tours.

America is perfect for adventure vacations. These are just a fraction of the adventures that America offers. On your next vacation, check out any ones from this list and you are sure to have a phenomenal time.

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