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Adventure Guide to the American West

The America West with its sandy deserts, thick forests, and colorful canyons displaying arrays of bright oranges and deep reds entices visitors near and far. 

Known for being home to some of the most famous cowboys and infamous outlaws, this destination has become popular for thrill seekers that feel the call of this mesmerizing landscape. 

Come with me. Let's journey into the heart of the American West and blaze an unforgettable adventure trail. 

Top Camping Spots

Explore the Prairies - Montana 

Walk in the 200-year-old footsteps of Lewis and Clark while wandering through the Northern Great Plains of Montana. The Great Plains are on track to be the biggest wildlife reserve in the world by 2030. There is a variety of wildlife including mule deer, bison, elk, hawks, eagles, and other wildlife to observe in their natural habitat. 

This makes the prairies perfect for a camping adventure. Plus, they even have pioneer cabins and tepees that you can rent if you are looking for a vacation back in time.

This area of Montana is also teeming with outdoor adventures like trekking, mountain biking, canoeing, and more. A popular road trip is the loop around Fort Benton. It is a 400-mile path that follows the tracks that the bison of old once roamed. 

The Great Plains are called great for a reason. The unforgettable landscape, plains, and animals are perfect for getting away from it all. 

Relax at the Scenic Waterfront - Laird Lake, Oregon 

Moss logs, green forests, and unforgettable views are just a few treats for those that embark on the journey to Laird Lake, however, the main draw to Laird Lake is the seclusion. Laird Lake is hidden so well that most campers are not even aware of its existence.

In fact, there are only a handful of places around the lake where people are allowed to camp. Larid Lake is secluded and showcases the beauty of Oregon, which makes it a fantastic camping spot in the West. 

Honorable Mentions  - Camping 

Of course, the America West is massive, sparsely populated, and filled with amazing camping spots in every single state. Some other places to add to your camping bucket list are Joshua Tree National Park in California, Devils Garden in Arches National Park, Utah and Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

Cowboy Adventures

Do you daydream about riding off into the sunset, exploring the vast landscapes from a saddle, or roping cattle on a dude ranch? The America West is filled with Wild West experiences where western fantasies become realities.  

Here are a few places in the West that provide a true American cowboy experience.

Train as a Cowboy - Choteau, Montana

The Seven Lazy P Ranch in Choteau, Montana is perfect for the cowboy wanna be. There are over 1,200 acres to explore on this ranch while enjoying three hardy square meals a day and sleeping in a Western themed cabin.

Become a Cattle Rustler - Pryor Mountain, Wyoming 

Saddle up and hit the trail as a rustler as you drive massive herds of cattle from their winter range to their summer grazing grounds. The days are spent in the saddle while the nights are spent around a campfire singing songs, eating Western barbecue, and talking for hours under the stars.  

Enjoy the freedom and romance as you step back in time into an American West adventure that has been ongoing for more then a century. 

These two are just a couple prime examples of ranches and cattle rustling opportunities available in the American West. A few other notable places are Zapata Ranch in Mosca, Colorado, Metcalf Ranch in Big Timber, Montana, and Travaasa Austin in Austin, Texas.


Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Enjoy spectacular views of the American West like you have never seen it before. Watch the orange hues change to brilliant multi-colored walls as you make camp at the base of the most famous natural wonder in America. 

Days are filled with rafting down rapids, discovering hidden waterfalls, and taking in the majestic views, Thrilling adventures await for both beginners and experienced rafters with rapids starting at Class II all the way up to Class VI.

Salmon River, Idaho

Rafting down the Salmon River in Idaho is filled with beautiful diverse landscape. Start your rafting tour rushing through the alpine and finish the ride four to five days later in the desert canyons. 

The Salmon River offers a lot of diversity and many options in trip lengths, scenery and thrills that make it perfect for everyone from beginners to intermediate rafters. 

The American West is a land that lets us live out our cowboys adventures, face our fears rafting down rapids, and take in the beauty of nature. The West is great destination to plan your next vacation and one of the most beautiful areas that America has to offer.

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