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5 Driving Tips For The United Kingdom

Driving in the UK can be confusing. Follow these tips for safer driving.

You've made the decision to drive on the other side of the pond, but you're not quite sure about driving on the other side of the road. Here are a few driving tips for the UK to help you out.

1. Use a GPS

If possible rent a GPS. In the UK roads are marked with numbers and this can end up confusing you. Especially when you're already paying attention to driving on the left side, figuring out which way to go can cause more headaches. Having a GPS to guide you will make it easier on you. Have a detailed road map as a backup though, just in case.

2. Drive on the left

Driving on the left needs some adjustment, once you're driving you'll be okay, as you just follow the traffic. At certain times you will have more difficulty with driving on the left, such as turning and roundabouts which you may have never seen before. Or when you find yourself on deserted roads and you don't have other cars as an example.

3. Figure out the roundabouts

These can be very confusing. Getting into them and out of them isn’t too bad, but knowing which way to go is something else. Keep careful watch when entering a roundabout that you are in the correct lane. As for directions, look for names of towns. These towns can be the next closest town or a town many miles away. If you have a road map, have a look before you go to know what towns are on your way. Otherwise if you have a GPS, you can just follow those instructions.

4. Wear your seat belt

In the UK seat belts are mandatory so make sure you wear one. You could face a fine if you're caught not wearing a seat belt.

5. Understand speed limits 

On the highway you won't find speed limit signs. Check UK websites before going but the national speed limit for a car on the highway is 70mph (112kph). There’s not a lot of notice for the change in speed limits so pay attention. Built up areas, towns are 30mph (48kph) and school areas are only 20mph meaning you might have to slow down quickly. There are speed cameras all over the country and penalties apply.

What's your best tip when first driving around in the UK?

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