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    Note: RoamRight travel insurance covers trips to all countries, with the exception of Afghanistan.
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    Argentina is a vibrant country with plenty of city-life and nature to explore.

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    With nearly year-round sunny skies and friendly people, not to mention the famous white-sand beaches, it’s easy to see why Aruba is a great destination.

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    A country so large it’s a continent, Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House and the giant sandstone formation, Uluru. Find out what else this country has to offer.

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    Austria is rich in history and has activities for all kinds of travelers.

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    The Bahamas is a archipelago of islands that spans from the east coast of Florida to the eastern tip of Cuba and northern Haiti. Learn more about what to do in this traveler's paradise.

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    Belize is one of the easiest countries to travel and one of the hardest to leave.

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    Brazil’s diversity extends beyond the biodiversity of the Amazon. It’s ethnic diversity creates a country that offers tourists a variety of unique experiences.

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    Canada, the second largest country in the world, has a little something for everyone: vast expanses of wilderness, bustling cities, towns reminiscent of old Europe, adventure activities and beautiful vistas. From Vancouver to Newfoundland, Canada offers many hidden gems for the travelers who venture into the Great White North.

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    Waving palms, white sandy beaches and turquoise water… let us introduce you to the islands of the Caribbean.

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    China is one of the biggest and most mysterious countries in the world.

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    Don’t let Colombia’s past turmoil deter you from visiting the tourist spots in this beautiful country.

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    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is one of the most eco-friendly tourist destinations in the world, and is a very safe place to visit. With 5% of the world's biodiversity, Costa Rica has plenty of adventures to explore.

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    As Cuba opens up to more and more tourism, find out the best ways to enjoy this Caribbean country.

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    The allure of traveling to France is undeniable. Boasting everything from prestigious wine-growing regions like Bordeaux to world-class skiing in the Alps, traveling to France gives something for everyone.

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    Germany is renowned for its modern day cultural and high-tech contributions while still maintaining its very desirable “old world” charm. It can be easy to find English-speaking staff in restaurants and businesses in cities like Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

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    Guatemala is a great tourist destination for travelers going to Central America.

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    Most visitors to Haiti are on volunteer missions, however for the adventure traveler, Haiti is a land full of potential.

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    Honduras is a magnet for divers with one of the largest coral reefs on the planet and diverse sea life.

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    Colorful, chaotic, and intense; the moment you set foot in India you will feel how this country is like none other on Earth.

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    There are two sides to Indonesia: the one that draws in tourism and the other for travelers looking off-the-beaten-path. Which would you visit?

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    Visit the friendly country of Ireland, where you can experience the castles, landscape, and drinking of the Irish.

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    With a rich history, beautiful countryside and delicious food, no wonder Italy is one of most popular tourist destinations in the world. From the Alps through Rome to Venice along the coast down to Sicily, Italy is a great destination for many types of travelers.

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    Kenya has become popular with the safari-loving crowd, but has more to offer through its beautiful vistas and vibrant cultures.

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    Mexico is a popular destination for travelers seeking beaches and sun. But there's more to this country than just sand and surf - with plenty of history, culture and food, any traveler is sure to enjoy his time there.

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    Peru is the globe in miniature, with a vast array of the world’s climates from sand dunes to glaciers to jungles.

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    With some of the warmest climates in Europe, Portugal is a great country to visit for its beaches and culture.

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    Puerto Rico

    As a US territory, Americans do not need a passport to travel to this Caribbean island. Discover this island that has plenty to offer in the way of mountains, rainforests, and – of course – beaches.

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    Russian Federation

    As the largest country in the world, Russia has something for everyone – if only you take the time to explore it.

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    South Africa

    South Africa is a diverse and always evolving country that caters to everyone from budget travelers to the most luxury-loving tourist.

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    From the beaches of Costa Brava to the architecture of Barcelona to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain is a country with a laid-back lifestyle and friendly people.

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    The famous beaches of southern Thailand and the fast-paced capital of Bangkok draws millions of travelers each year.

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    United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. From the bustling metropolis of London to the quaint towns that dot the countryside, the United Kingdom attracts travelers from around the world.

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    United States

    From Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, the United States is a wealth of various cultures, activities and adventures. Whether you want to rest on a beach, shop in a city, climb a mountain or visit a museum, it can take years to explore this expansive country.

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    Find out how a visit to Vietnam can be colorful, usually loud but exciting, and always delicious.

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