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Fun-Filled Winter Adventures in America

Many of us spend the winter months indoors sheltering safely in front of our heaters or fireplaces. However, if you can summon the courage to brave the cold, there are some fantastic winter adventures across America. 

Before you make the excuse that it is too cold, read this list and you will see that there are warmer winter adventure options as well. This winter we challenge you to leave the comfort of home and embark on some new and exciting experiences. Here are 6 winter adventures to enjoy throughout America. 

Ice Climbing in Ouray National Park, Colorado

Located a couple hours outside of Durango, Colorado is a winter adventure so exciting that it will make you forget the frigid temperatures. The thrill of climbing up a steep wall made of nothing but ice is incredible. This beautiful ice park is also a beginner friendly spot, making it an excellent place to attempt your first vertical ice climb. 

These climbing walls are entirely man made. Every night, water is pumped down the cliffs, which is completely frozen by the morning. This makes the climbing routes a little different each day, so no two ascents are the same. The park contains over 200 climbs; it is open from December through March and is free to visit. 

Bobsledding in Lake Placid, New York

This thrilling adventure lets you embark on an epic ride down an ice coaster in Lake Placid, New York. If you are unfamiliar with bobsledding, it is like sledding down an icy roller coaster. This winter adventure is an unforgettable ride. 

Harnessing the power of gravity, speeds reach over 60 mph while bobbing and weaving around sharp turns. Don’t worry, expert guides steer the sled adding a level of safety to this winter adventure.

Winter Mountaineering Clinic in California

One extreme winter adventure is learning the basics of mountaineering high on the slopes of California. Expert mountain guides will teach visitors about mountaineering as well as survival. This rarely visited landscape is as unbelievably beautiful as it is unforgiving and makes this challenging undertaking worth every step. 

Climb high into the mountain wilderness to learn a range of different skills that include crevasse rescue, rope work, and safety all at the top of snow-capped mountains. 

Explore Death Valley, California

World Renowned as the hottest and driest place on earth, the 3 million acres that make up Death Valley is not an easy place to explore. 

Luckily in the winter, temperatures are much cooler leaving a window in which hikers, campers, and trekkers can explore this arid landscape. If you are looking for a warm weather adventure in the winter, this one might be for you. Expect temperatures in the upper 60’s and 70’s. 

Train through Wintry Landscapes, Alaska

Not every adventure entails fighting frostbite from the top of mountains or climbing up a man made wall of ice. Sometimes the best adventure is sitting back and enjoying snow-covered landscape while appreciating the wildlife. 

The Alaska Railroad offers this opportunity for those courageous enough to visit Alaska during the winter. This journey through the frozen tundra, lets you get a small glimpse into the wild and untamed winter wonderland. Get a good look at wolves, moose, and reindeer as well as, the most spectacular light show on the planet, the Aurora Borealis.  

One thing to consider before planning your visit is that darkness covers Alaska in the winter. Timing your visit is crucial. 

Whale Watching, Hawaii 

Another winter adventure far away from the cold is found on the tropical island of Hawaii. Starting in December, humpback whales start migrating by these Hawaiian Islands. These mammoth creatures and their young travel through the Auau Channel and offer some of the best whale watching spots in the entire country. 

Learn Snow Kiting, Montana and Colorado

If skiing and snowboarding seem like too much work, then try your hand at this up and coming adventure sport. 

Snowkiting is like kiteboarding; you use the wind to push you down snowy tracks and pull you high into the air. There are plenty of places across the United States to take lessons during the winter. It is an exciting adventure everyone will enjoy. 

These are excellent winter trips across the United States that will appeal to the adventurous soul. Instead, of spending the season cuddled up by a fire, get out and explore. Winter is a great time to test your limits and have new experiences.

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