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Walk In The Woods - Incredible Spots On The Appalachian Trail

Does any trail in the United States capture the imagination of outdoor lovers like the Appalachian Trail?

This 2,000 mile long trek stretches from Georgia to Maine. The Appalachian Trail draws us in with its unscathed wilderness, gigantic mountain ranges and endless beauty.

Let us hit the trail and find the most incredible spots together.

Great Smoky Mountains

The first scenic spot we will hike on our journey is the Great Smoky Mountains. This misty mountain range constantly lures not only hikers but tourists as well. Of course, you get the best views when actually hiking the path. As we transverse through the park, we pass through hundreds of species of trees. We feel speechless as we ascend higher and take in the remarkable views. The pure unaltered landscape that surrounds us is why we are on the trail in the first place.

Grayson Highlands

As we enter the Grayson Highlands, we gaze left at a pack of wild ponies grazing in the morning sun. After a while, we decide to take a break and enjoy the beauty of southwest Virginia. For a snack, we gather fresh blueberries from a nearby bush.

Before long we chose to vary a bit from the path and climb to the top of Wilburn Ridge. From here we get a complete view of the whole park and it is well worth the climb.

With its wild ponies and its scenic views, the Grayson Highlands are one spot on the Application Trail that we cannot miss.

Overmountain Shelter

There are hundreds of shelters to camp or rest along the way; however, the Overmountain Shelter stands out from the rest. Here we decide to take a small break before we continue on our journey. As we approach, the first thing we notice about the shelter is that it looks like an old country barn.

We admire the hills off in the distance, and the lush green bushes and trees that surround our new home. The Overmountain Shelter is on a hill, which provides us with a perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening. As the night progresses, we make friends with other travelers, swap stories and prepare to continue our journey.

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah is a large part of the trail stretching over 100 miles. It is a wonderful trek with some moderately challenging climbs and falls.

Even though the trail crosses the road quite a view times, we do not mind. From the road, we get scenic views of the surrounding skyline that we just hiked through.

Franconia Ridge Traverse

Without a doubt, one of the most scenic parts of the trail is Franconia Ridge Traverse, which we pass through in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Although the ridge is not the easiest climbing, it is something we are determined to accomplish.

The achievement and the scenic views of the mountains are well worth it. The Traverse includes summiting four mountains: Mt. Flume, Mt Liberty, Mt Lafayette, and Mt Lincoln. Each one of these mountains is over 4,000 feet tall. The paths are rocky and will take us a few days to complete.

Yet, it is one of the best spots on the entire trail. From the top of the mountains, we admire the tall trees and unsurpassed wilderness. The sights are awe-inspiring and we quickly forget the difficulties we faced to complete this epic feat.

Mount Katahdin

For the last stop on our tour of incredible spots on the Appalachian Trail, we will go to the highest point in Maine, Mount Katahdin. This mountain ascends over 5,000 feet and is a stunning part of the trail.

As we climb, we observe the wild animals we come across in the lovely trees that line the path.

The Appalachian Trail is nature at its finest. With long mountain ranges, unending forests, and untamed animals; we cannot get enough. The incredible spots we have discovered showcase just how rich and wild America really is when you venture away from the big cities.

On our journey, we have experienced snow-capped mountains, made friends, and conquered challenges. These scenic spots on the Appalachian Trail are great places for any adventurous soul.

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