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10 Unreal Places in America Everyone Should Visit

America is the third largest country in the world. Stretching for thousands of miles, the United States has a widely diverse geography, distinctive features and climates. There is so much in America that the country is bound to have some unusual landscapes and unique experiences.

Here are ten sites in America that are so surprising that they are almost unreal.

Grand Prismatic Springs - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Prismatic Springs, located in Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful hot springs in the entire world. The striking shades of electric blues, deep reds, and dark greens of Grand Prismatic give the spring an otherworldly feel.

What causes these unreal colors? The phenomenon is produced by microscopic organisms mixing with rich minerals in the water. Not only is Grand Prismatic the largest hot spring in America, but it is also the third largest in the world. To see this natural wonder just head towards Midway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone.

Devils Tower - Crook County, Wyoming

This massive rock, steeply jutting out of the otherwise flat grassy plains, is one of the most impressive National Monuments in America.

It comes as no surprise that the American Indians considered this rock sacred. The myth says that the rock rose up out of the earth to save a little girl from a giant bear. The long claw-like marks that cut deep into the sides of Devils Rock lend credence to the legend.

Whether you believe the myths or not, there is an air of mystery around this odd natural formation even to this day. Scientists have theories about how Devils Rock was formed, yet none of them have been proven.

Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona

Antelope Canyon in Arizona has been made famous by landscape photographers from around the world. In fact, today Antelope Canyon is the most photographed canyon on earth.

After one glance at the beautiful rich brown shapes, it is easy to see why the canyon has become so popular. The rising walls, ceiling, and vast floor are arrayed in sweeping strokes of colorful sandstone frozen in time. I’m sure you’ll agree after you visit that there’s no doubt Antelope Canyon is the most beautiful canyon in the entire world.

Painted Hills - Wheeler County, Oregon

Painted Hills are a highlight of any trip to Oregon. These hills get their name from the gorgeous colors that appear when the sun hits them at just the right time.

As the light reflects off the mountains, the tones and hues begin to change from bright yellows and golds to dark oranges, reds, and blacks. Throughout the year, the hills magically change to create unique displays, an effect caused by various light and moisture levels in the air. Painted Hills is mystical and spiritual, and no two visits are the same.

Homestead Crater Pool - Midway, Utah

Mother Nature must have wanted a heated swimming pool when she carved out the limestone rock of Homestead Crater. The crater itself is massive, and comes complete with a natural skyline. Keep in mind, the water is hot and averages around 93 degrees.

 For those brave enough to enter the steamy hot tub, there are plenty of things to do. A relaxing therapeutic bath in the warm mineral water, swimming, or even scuba diving are all fantastic options. Homestead Crater is the only hot water dive in the United States.

Fly Ranch Geyser - Washoe County, Nevada

Judging by appearances, Fly Geyser might seem like the most unreal site in the United States. This colorful and craggy tower looks like it would be more at home on another planet.

The funny thing about Fly Geyser is that men accidently made it. It is the site of an old man-made well. Over time, geothermal water started leaking through and causing cracks in the well. Luckily, they could not plug the cracks fast enough, and now we are rewarded with this strange but awesome site in Nevada.

The Wave - Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona

This world-renowned sandstone formation looks as if someone took a massive paintbrush and waved it across the earth leaving all different shades of brown. The sandy waves of the landscapes are surreal and worth a visit on any trip to Arizona.

However, to keep the area untainted, there is a lottery system in place to reduce the number of visitors. There are only 20 people allowed into The Wave a day. There are ten online permits you can get up to four months in advance and ten permits drawn by lottery the day before, making this site not only unusual but a rarity to see in person.

Thor's Well - Cape Perpetua, Oregon

Another site in Oregon to visit is Thor's Well. This unreal destination resembles a bath drain but is formed by the whole Pacific Ocean. Thor's Well is said to be the most spectacular during its most dangerous time, when the seas are raging, and the water is slamming against the rocks.

The site is so uniquely beautiful, that even during storms when there is the risk of being swept into the torrents, tourists and photographers flock to get photographs of the power and glory of nature.

Glacier National Park - Montana

This massive area called Glacier National Park is paradise for wilderness lovers. Towering mountains are home to move than 130 crystal clear lakes. The scenery is so breath-taking that this experience is truly one of a kind. Hiking and trekking in this area is like exploring a forgotten corner of the world, so lace up those boots and go exploring!

Grand Canyon - Arizona

Our last unreal site in America is also the most famous on the list. The unusual landscape of the Grand Canyon has drawn millions of visitors over the years to enjoy its strange beauty. The canyon stretches for over 200 miles, and many people consider it to be one of the most important natural wonders in the world.

America, the size and scoop of the country lends itself to many unreal sites to see. The possibilities are numerous and sometimes it is hard to know where to start. This bucket list promises beauty and excitement as you venture into the most unreal sites in the entire country.

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