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10 Travel Instagram Accounts To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Are you looking for some travel inspiration? Whenever I feel the need to reignite my passion and love for travel, I always turn to photographs. Photos are a window to the world. They give us tiny glimpses of snowy mountain ranges, foreign cities, and different cultures. Looking at pictures of the world is one of the best ways to inspire your wanderlust.

Instagram is a social networking medium that was created for sharing photos and videos. It has become a great tool for travelers to share their moments and experiences from all over the world. Many people use Instagram to find new and exciting destinations and adventures.

Let us take a look at some incredible travel Instagram accounts. These talented photographers and storytellers will inspire your love for travel and desire to explore the world. Warning; continuing to read this article will give you an incurable case of wanderlust.

Trey Ratcliff

Trey is a giant in travel photography. Whether he is photographing city streets or scenic countrysides, the symmetry he captures produces a sense of grandeur. Trey edits his photos in HDR. While I am not a massive fan of HDR, on Trey's Instagram it works, complementing his style and enhancing his breathtaking photography.

Daniel Korban

Daniel Kordan has a clear eye for photography that shows off the size, scope, and beauty of nature. This includes some vibrant night, sunset and landscape photography. His photo editing style is unusual and straddles the line between reality and otherworldly.

Every time I look at his gallery, I want to sell everything I own, buy a tent and wander off into the wilderness. If you are in love with landscapes, then Daniel Korban is one Instagram account that you cannot miss.


There are a couple of things that stand out about Landlopers Instagram that will inspire your wanderlust. First, the photos. Matt Long, the brains behind Landlopers, is an excellent photographer with a distinctive style.

His photos are rather uncanny in that they capture the sense of feeling in a place. Second, his unique personality inspires his followers as he shares his experiences through captions. He combines his photography and writing skills to tell vivid and sometimes quirky stories that I love to read.

Expert Vagabond

Matt, from Expert Vagabond, has one of the best Instagram accounts for people in search of new adventures. He has been traveling for the last 5 years enjoying intriguing adventures while exploring the world.

Some of these include scuba diving, watching the Northern Lights and hiking remote mountains. His Instagram gallery is full of photos and stories of off the beaten track places.

Expert Vagabond's Instagram makes you want to get out of the big city and into the wondrous beauty of the world.

Backpacker Banter

Chris Stevens of Backpacker Banter has been traveling the world for over five years. His photos often feature the everyday life of a traveler.

Two of his favorite hobbies are surfing and scuba diving; and his feed showcases some amazing underwater photography. For those looking for some backpacking inspiration, Backpacker Banter is a good place to start.

Travel Freak

TravelFreak has an Instagram account that shows off many of the best sites and destinations around the world. This is perfect for not only inspiring travel, but also helping you choose your next travel destination.

 I often find myself adding new places to my list when I check out Jeremy's Instagram.

The Planet D

Dave and Deb from the Planet D are well known in the travel photography world and with just a quick glance at their Instagram feed, it is easy to see why.

They capture the amazing untouched beauty that the world has to offer. They show majestic masterpieces from vast landscapes to close-ups of wild animals. Their feed always gives me the inspiration to get off the beaten path and head out on an adventure.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad combines her love of fashion and travel into an amazing Instagram account. Plus, it highlights some astonishing places in the world. She uses Instagram to inspire wanderlust show off the world, and reveal how much fun traveling can be.

Young Adventuress

Liz's feed, Young Adventuress, always makes me want to put away my phone and head out on a hike. She is a talented outdoor photographer based in New Zealand.

Her photos are always filled with epic views and grand vistas that immediately go on my bucket list.

Be My Travel Muse

I cannot get enough of the Be My Travel Muse Instagram account. There are pictures of vast landscapes, sandy beaches, and some amazing outdoors scenes.

Many of the places are relatively unknown but won't be for long, as she has inspired many to travel and enjoy the areas for themselves.

Instagram is an amazing tool for inspiring wanderlust and planning that next great adventure. These are ten travel Instagram accounts that are worth following.

Each one showcases some incredible places around the world while offering something unique, creative, and moving. Take a few minutes and check them out. You might be surprised where your next adventure takes you.

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