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The Most Scenic Places to Rock Climb in America

The U.S. has no shortage of craggy precipices, towering walls, and strange rock formations. These are the perfect playgrounds for mountain climbers, the brave men and women who have the courage to master their fear and dare to ascend the sheerest heights that nature provides.

Members of an elite group, these few experience spectacular views all around the world that are rarely seen. Many of these amazing spots are located in the United States. From rocky deserts to lush forests, America has a wide assortment of ragged cliffs to scale.   

Here are a few of the most scenic views in America for rock climbers. 

Yosemite National Park, California

I mention Yosemite quite often in my writings. The park is a one-stop shop for families, adventurers, photographers, hikers, and more. However, it holds a special place in the hearts of hardcore climbers for it was on its sheer granite walls that rock climbing was birthed.  

Even today, climbing in Yosemite is a rite of passage for many moderate climbers. For more advanced climbers, El Capitan holds one of the most scenic climbing experiences in America.  However be warned, this granite monolith is 3,000 feet of unforgiving and treacherous rock.

Joshua Tree National Park, California 

With 8,000 different climbs to choose from in this strange and wild landscape, there is no shortage of scenic views in Joshua Tree National Park. Another reason climbers flock to Joshua Tree is because the weather is wonderful enough to climb throughout most of the year. However, there might be times that the summer heat is a little unbearable on the sheer rock faces, so you might want to check the temperatures if in doubt.

Leavenworth, Washington  

While not as popular as some of the other climbs on the list, Leavenworth shouldn't be tossed to the side. This scenic rock climbing spot is full of untouched beauty.  The terrain of Leavenworth includes features such as granite crags, dark blue lakes, and miniature forests.  

The spot is particularly good for bouldering and top roping. There are even some tiny Bavarian villages in the area that give the whole region a unique atmosphere. You actually get the feeling that you are in a small quaint area of Germany while never leaving the mountains of Washington State. This impressive combination makes

Leavenworth is one of the most scenic spots to rock climb in America.

The Red River Gorge, Kentucky 

Red River Gorge, or otherwise known as the Reds, is a part of the country that is filled with sandstone arches and natural bridge formations located deep in the Kentucky woodlands. The Reds have become one of the most popular hiking spots in America. For serious climbers, there are only two options; either the Reds are on your bucket list or you have already crossed them off.  

The truth is there are over 1,600 different climbs in this area making it a place that many adventurers return time and time again throughout their life. With such an array of different scenic views, you can experience never-ending beauty in this tiny section of the world. Like Joshua Tree, climbing in the Reds is great all year round.    

Arches National Park, Utah 

The surreal, otherworldly sandstone sculptures of Arches National Park gives you the feeling of stepping onto another planet. There are strange looking pinnacles, rocky bridges, and miles of spectacular arches across the dry and desolate landscape. The indescribable beauty of this territory is not found anywhere else in the world. 

Arches National Park is a favorite for climbers who want to experience a unique, almost spiritual land. However, because Arches is a national park, you are not permitted to use pitons, meaning nothing but free climb without the comfort of a safety net is allowed. For this reason, only very experienced climbers should tackle Arches. 

Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado 

Of course, one of America's most scenic places to climb is the Rocky Mountains. Like Arches National Park, these climbs are recommended solely for advanced hikers. Loose rock, no pitons, and dangerous terrain are just a few of the challenges.  However, the landscape is utterly stunning and displays some of the most scenic aerial views in the entire nation.  

While every single climb ends with jaw-dropping views, the most famous climb in the park is Forrest Finish with a panorama that stretches beyond your imagination.  Another famous climb with incredible views is Longs Peak, a mountain that stands an impressive 14,200 feet.  Due to the weather at this height, there is only a brief window during the year to embark on this perilous hike making it one of the rarest climbs in the area.

Devil's Tower, Wyoming 

One of the most unique rock formations in America is also one of the best spots for climbers. Devil's Tower, one of nature's rarest pieces of architecture, is referred to as a crack climb. A crack climb is unique because you literally use the cracks in the steep rock towers to climb. 

The longest of these cracks stretches up to almost 400 feet. Conquering this famed landmark is a tremendous achievement, and the views from the rock are awe-inspiring.  

To see the beautiful views of America from the top of rocky summits is to see her at her grandest. While the climbs are challenging, thrilling, and a bit on the wild side, they promise incredible panoramas that reach far into the horizon.  Whether you are an experienced climber or just getting into the sport, there is a climb waiting for you. So do a little research, get ready, and experience America in a new, exciting adventure.

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