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My Favorite Strange Sights To Visit In The US

Roswell is a city in, and the county seat of, Chaves County in the southeastern quarter of the state of New Mexico CT

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Not every traveler is drawn to see ancient landmarks, hike wilderness trails, and watch sunsets over romantic vistas. Some people like to venture to mysterious locations and visit unexplained sights.

Brace yourself as we delve into some of the most mysterious sights around the United States. If you enjoy the feeling of your hair standing up on the back your neck, this article is for you.

Mount Shasta, California

Located in Redding, California, Mount Shasta is popular with travelers looking for a spiritual connection. This mountain is considered a cosmic power spot, and legends say that Lemurians, a race that vanished more than 12,000 years ago, have a hidden village buried in the tunnels of the mountain. Even today, people report seeing UFO’s flying above the mountain. The fact that James Hilton's famous book, Lost Horizon, is inspired by Mount Shasta has only increased its popularity.

Even if none of the legends are true, this mountain has a raw allure and natural beauty that is hard to resist.

Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch, located in the Uintah Basin, is one of the eeriest and mysterious places in the United States. People claim to hear strange noises coming up from the ground and see unidentifiable blue orbs floating through the air. Local legends tell of attacks from shape-shifting creatures around the ranch. Skinwalker Ranch is so creepy that in the past you had to make reservations at the National Institute for Discovery Sciences to get permission to visit. Today you can only view the property at a distance as tours are closed to the public.

The Lake Michigan Monster

Did you know America has its own version of Nessie? First reports of the Lake Michigan monster date back to 1817, but the Native Americans knew it simply the "sea panther". According to them, its head resembles a cat, and its body is that of a huge winding serpent. If you are daring enough to try and catch a glimpse of this creature for yourself, you must visit the lake at dusk according to legend.

Mel's Hole

Named after its former owner, Mel Waters, located in Ellensburg, Washington, is a seemingly-bottomless pit. The previous owner reported that the neighbor's dead dog, which had been tossed down the shaft, came back to life. People have also claimed to see unidentified black rays shooting up from the endless abyss. The hole is speculated to lead to a massive underground tunnel network, but no one has had the courage to explore it fully.


We could not have a list of America’s most mysterious places without mentioning Roswell, New Mexico. This site, better known as Area 51, is the center of limitless conspiracy theories, UFO books, and science fiction movies. All this popularity has made Roswell part of American pop culture.

To this day, the US military is accused of hiding the remains of extraterrestrial beings that locals say crashed here in 1947. The US government, to crush these rumors, released a statement in the mid-90's stating that the debris were from a top secret military project, though many people still doubt them.

America has many mysteries that cannot be easily explained using science and logic. Whether it is paranormal or extraterrestrial, man is always interested in the unknown. Summon your courage and check out these mysteries for yourself.

Where are your favorite mysterious places around the country?

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