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A Few Warm Places In The US To Visit This Winter

America has a range of different climates spread across the country. This means some areas never feel the frigid chill of winter and make for great escapes if you want to escape those chilly temps. From islands to more inland destinations, here are some of our favorite places to warm up this winter season.

Puerto Rico

This US territory has tropical weather year-round; in fact, Puerto Rico sees its best weather during the winter months. These Islands are the perfect haven to flee when it’s cold outside.

Puerto Rico has one of the longest Christmas celebrations in the entire country. The party kicks off the day after Thanksgiving and continues until early January. The celebrations are heavily influenced by Spanish and African traditions; and make sure to indulge in some of the many feasts around the islands.

However, this paradise comes with a few disadvantages. One trade off is that the winter months are the busiest season for the islands, so you have to share some of your tropical bliss. Of course, peak tourist season also means higher prices.

Cities like San Juan are great places to visit, but there are also options for those wanting to spend their vacation surrounded by nature. Puerto Rico has epic national parks to hike for those looking for outdoor adventures.


Hawaii has the most consistent weather of any state in America. The Aloha State does not suffer from shorter winter days; even during the winter months, daylight lasts 10 to 11 hours. This makes Hawaii a top hotspot throughout the entire year.

Here are a few popular destinations in Hawaii.

Hilo - Although Hilo has a lot of rain in the winter months, the average temperature is 80 degrees. Another plus is that Hilo has never seen a snow fall. The surrounding area is stunning with swimming holes, waterfalls, and mountains to explore.

Waikiki - Waikiki is a massive hotspot every day of the year. It is well known for its energetic nightlife, live music, sandy beaches, and excellent shopping. Waikiki is a fantastic choice for a winter getaway in Hawaii.


Another winter hotspot in America is sunny Florida. The weather is not as hot as Puerto Rico, but you can still expect warm temperatures. Almost any area of Florida is good to explore. However, keep in mind that the weather gets warmer the further south you travel.

In southern Florida, the temperature averages around 70 degrees – a perfect mild winter’s day. Areas like the Florida Keys are filled with fun and exciting entertainment. If you want something festive, key West has a festive atmosphere and attractions that include lighted boat parades and plenty of parties.

The best winter hotspots in Florida include Orlando, the Everglades, Miami, and the Florida Keys.


With a state as large as California, there are plenty of great areas to enjoy a mild winter experience. While Northern California gets a little chilly, you can always warm up in Southern California. Some of my favorite spots include:

Yosemite - If you can bear the cold, then frosty Yosemite is an excellent getaway. Yosemite transforms into a winter wonderland. The grandeur of the park covered in snow and ice is breathtaking.

Death Valley - What better place to avoid winter than by visiting the hottest place on the planet: Death Valley. The Valley is so hot that only a handful of things can survive. It is not uncommon to have winter temperatures in the upper 90's.

Pacific Grove - Pacific Grove is a one of a kind winter hotspot. This area is famous for its scenic drives, cottage filled towns, and sandy coastlines.

However, the main draw to Pacific Grove is the thousands of Monarch butterflies that stop on their way to Mexico. It is a breathtaking event that only happens in the winter months.

For those who hate the cold and want to escape winter, these are some good options. From tropical islands to the hottest place in the country, the United States offers a wide variety of choices.

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