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6 Epic Road Trips Around The World

Road trips are a memorable way to travel. They are full of unexpected adventures and showcase the natural beauty of the world in a very intimate way.

Is there anything better than pavement stretching endlessly into the horizon, the rumble of a car engine and the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair? The boundless sense of freedom and adventure lures many travelers to the open road.

Here are some of the most epic road trips around the world.

New Zealand: Paihia to Queenstown

New Zealand's natural beauty and unique ecosystem are massive draws for people from around the world. Witness the beauty of the rolling hills, green pastures, beautiful lakes and geothermal wonders of the North Island. Lake Taupo alone is big enough that the entire country of Singapore could fit inside it.

The South Island also has mammoth lakes; however, that is where the similarities end. The South Island is all about grand views, towering mountain ranges and snowy glaciers.

Starting in Paihia, in the Bay of Islands, and driving south to Queenstown is one of the most stunning road trips in the entire world. New Zealand is one of the most adventurous countries in the world so take your time and enjoy every opportunity to get out and explore.

New York to LA (Or Vice Versa)

America has many epic road trips. However, a classic one that is hard to beat is L.A. to New York or vice versa. This road trip has several routes and all of them lead you through amazing scenery that includes fascinating cities, world famous monuments, prairies, deserts, mountains and forests.

Some of the journey winds through the stunning Rocky Mountains, near the Grand Canyon, through amazing National Parks and down the world famous Route 66.

It is a trip of massive proportions with a lot to see and do along the way. While leaving an element of spontaneity is important with any road trip, America packs so much into just a little time that some planning is recommended.

Mongol Rally

Take a second to grasp the enormity of the Mongol Rally. This road trip, of epic proportions, starts off by hopping in an old junker car in London and traveling over the continent across 1/3 the planet through large cities, vast deserts, dense forests, rolling hills, steep mountains and finally across the plains of Mongolia.

The Mongol Rally is an epic and daring adventure as you travel fully unassisted, meaning the only people you have to rely on are your fellow ralliers and strangers you meet along the way.

It is as epic and wild as road trips come; a journey that will push you to beyond your limits, get you off the beaten track, and teach you about parts of yourself you didn't know existed. I had the opportunity to complete the rally a couple of years ago, and it continues to be one of the greatest highlights of my travels.

Ruta 40, Argentina

Venture over 3,000 miles on not only one of the longest roads in the world, but also the only one that runs parallel to one of the greatest mountains ranges on the planet.

Ruta 40 in Argentina follows the Andes and takes you through not only mountains but also salt flats, lush national parks, cool lakes and vineyards.

Pan- America Highway

The sheer size and scope of the Pan-American Highway make it one of the biggest and most epic road trips on this list. Starting in the southernmost part of Argentina, the drive leads through two massive continents before reaching the northernmost destination, Alaska.

People famously say that to embark on the Pan American Highway adventure is to start in the Antarctic and drive all the way to the Arctic.

The highway itself is over 30,000 miles, which make it the world's longest unbroken road.

Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland

It is not the longest road trip and it does not take you through multiple countries or extreme diversity, however, if you are looking for beautiful, unforgettable landscapes and coastlines, then a road trip through Northern Ireland is just what you need.

The view is breathtaking as your travel through some of the most scenic and stunning parts of the world. It is a land rich in traditions, sites, and culture and promises to capture your heart. You might not ever want it to end.

Road trips fill us with excitement, freedom, and wonder. These are among the most epic road trips in the world and are great escapes from the mundane. No matter the distance of the journey; a road trip lets us share experiences, strengthen relationships, and make memories. Get into a car, let your imagination wander, get off the beaten path, and see the world.

Where’s your favorite place to go on a road trip?

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